Earth & Sky Serving Bowl

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Product Overview

Earth & Sky Serving Bowl (flat base) by Made in Japan

Made in Japan deal directly with the makers & specialise in supplying high quality ceramcis & tableware from small family run businesses in Japan. The ceramics come mainly from Central Japan, as this is where the clay is found. The tableware sourced is seldom seen outside of this area and is often only used in restaurants and homes in the areas around the makers’ kilns. 

Product Care  

Tableware is no different to most other possessions in life – look after it right and it’ll last and last and last. 

Be kind and remember:

  • Don’t use it in an oven

  • Don’t use overly abrasive cleaners – save the scourer for your pots

  • Don’t “temperature shock” your tableware, i.e. switch rapidly between cold and hot temperatures, like running out from a sauna and jumping in an ice bath; it can cause things to crack (things that should never have a crack in them)

  • Don’t drop stuff, it can break – plates and floors aren’t best mates

  • Handwash is recommended

  • Not for use in the microwave (crackle glazes only) Heat generated in a microwave can open the cracks of the glaze – making your product vulnerable to food/oil stains and nasty bacteria

  • Don’t soak (crackle glazes only) too much water for too long (i.e. 3 days in the sink while everyone ignores the growing pile of unwashed dishes) can cause mould to appear due to excessive water absorption

Diameter 29cm

Height 6cm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review