Cotton insulated Lunch Bag, Reusable Cup & Shopping Bag Gift Pack with Free Beeswax Wrap Twin Pack

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Lunch Bag, Shopping Bag & Reusable Cup Gift Pack

This one is my favourite Gift Pack, An Organic Cotton insulted lunch bag by Keep Leaf.  These bags can be washed.  A reusable 227ml pink cup for you to get your hot or cold drink in and a cotton shopping bag if you need to grab any groceries on the way home from work.  This pack comes with a free 20cm x 20cm beeswax food wrap to wrap your snacks in.

Upgrade to a 340ml glass cup for only $2.00


  • Keep Leaf Organic Cotton insulated lunch bag - pattern as per picture
  • Oasis Pink 227ml glass coffee mug
  • Cotton Shopping bag
  • Free Small Beeswax Wrap Twin Pack 2 x 20cm x 20cm  - colour chosen at random


(No reviews yet) Write a Review