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Beeswax Wraps Set of 3

This pack contains 2 large and 1 medium beeswax wrap.  Large wraps are the perfect size for sandwiches and a whole head of brocolli.  A medium wrap will cover a bread and butter plate.
Our Beeswax wraps are made out of 100% cotton up cycled material.  They are made by us in Ipswich, Queensland.  We use beeswax sourced from local hives, & organic coconut oil.
We've been experimenting with different ratios of beeswax & coconut oil for awhile, as well as different application techniques to make perfect beeswax wraps. We use 2nd hand clothes and fabric off cuts to make our wraps (most companies use new organic cotton), and even though we both wear cotton clothes, when it comes to making wraps, there is a lot of water use in cotton production that is unnecessary for wraps with the abundance of fast fashion being thrown away on a weekly basis. 
Beeswax wraps are a great replacement for plastic wrap.  They are suitable to wrap around a bowl or wrap a whole broccoli.  You can make a temporary funnel out of your beeswax wrap and I think they are great to wrap a gift in.  The wax wrap will stick to itself and you wont need sticky tape.  I always put a bit of newspaper or similar around the gift so that the wax isn't in direct contact with the gift.
Where to buy beeswax wraps in Brisbane? We attend the Rocklea Markets and the Davies Park Markets every Saturday of the year.

Why choose our wraps?
  • We use second hand cotton fabric and off cuts to make our wraps, this means less environmental impact from new cotton production and less clothing going to landfill.
  • We offer a re - waxing service to refresh your wraps, saving you money on buying new ones (this service only applies to wraps bought from us, we don't re wax other wraps due to the possibility of pine rosin / resin being in them)
  • We don't use any resins in our beeswax wraps. Pine resin / rosin has been known to cause contact dermatitis, allergic reactions & eczema when in contact with the skin, it is also more flammable than beeswax. People use resin to give beeswax food wraps the cling factor that plastic wrap has.  If a beeswax wrap is made properly you should only need the warmth of your hands on the wraps for a few seconds to give beeswax wraps plenty of cling.

Pack Contains

1 x 28cm x 28cm wrap 

2 x 35cm x 35cm wrap 

approximate sizes



(No reviews yet) Write a Review