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Beeswax Sandwich Wrap

Our beeswax wraps are handmade by us in Ipswich, Queensland.  We use beeswax sourced from local hives, & organic coconut oil.
We've been experimenting with different ratios of beeswax & coconut oil for awhile, as well as different application techniques to make perfect beeswax wraps. We use upcycled fabric & off cuts to make our wraps (most companies use new organic cotton), and even though we both wear cotton clothes, when it comes to making wraps, there is a lot of water use in cotton production that is unnecessary for wraps with the abundance of fast fashion being thrown away on a weekly basis. 
The beeswax sandwich wrap is designed and made by us.  It keeps your sandwich nice and secure in the wrap.  I think they are great for adults and children, we use ours regularly and love how fresh they keep our sandwiches.  Children can find wrapping the string around the sandwich a little easier than holding the wrap together with their hands to seal it.
Why choose our wraps?
  • We use second hand cotton fabric to make our wraps, this means less environmental impact from new cotton production and less clothing going to landfill.
  • We offer a re - waxing service to refresh your wraps, saving you money on buying new ones (this service only applies to wraps bought from us)
  • We don't use any resins. Some wraps are made with resins to so they cling easier, a wrap should cling simply by using the warmth of your hand

This wrap is designed to be used for sandwiches, that doesn't mean you have to, it's also perfect for

  • Bread Roll
  • Block of Cheese
  • Perfect gift wrap for a present
  • Sandwhich wrap
  • 1/2 Cabbage

Pack Contains

1 x 35cm x 35cm wrap



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(No reviews yet) Write a Review